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By | August 24, 2014

Datumza.com is all about data management and computer forensics. Most of the articles published on Datumza.com will be about this topic. Previously we published Rizonesoft freeware under Datum. Although we will host download mirrors here and at Petrichorpost.com, the main website for all Rizonesoft freeware will remain Rinzonesoft.com. You can go to Rizonesoft.com, while you wait for us to get the download mirrors up and running.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics – © Michael Biehler | Dreamstime.com

Datum will no longer be offering any computer forensic services anymore and our soul purpose will be to help others with do-it-yourself guides. I will always try to recommend free tools to do certain tasks, but keep in mind that certain commercially available services and tools are just better. When I recommend a commercial tool, please note that I do not receive commission and is not an affiliate. All my recommendations is totally unbiased.

Don’t get carried away

There are some important things to consider before using the guides on Datum for evidence collection and submission. Firstly, it is always better to leave it up to a professional – If you make any mistakes during the collection process, the evidence could be thrown out of court or data lost forever. Secondly, the same law does not apply to every country – Evidence that is admissible in an American court is not always admissible in a South African court. You can’t watch “Law and Order” regularly and be an expert. Real life just do not work like that. Lastly, when collecting evidence, always have a respectable third-party present.

Computer forensics is not glamorous

Topics like computer security, data management and computer forensics, might seem glamorous and certain movies and TV shows creates a misconception about it. The truth is that it is not glamorous at all. When you dive into the world of computer forensics you will quickly notice that there is no matrix style screens and a few buttons clicks will not make a low quality photo clear. In real life you are with boring text messages and too much data to sort out (specially after most data recovery jobs). Your data management jobs may include renaming folders, sorting out files and comparing data. You will use several tools to do a certain task and there is no one CSI tool that can do everything for you.


Welcome to Datumza.com and I hope you learn something new. I will always do my best to help wherever I can, but if you spot any mistakes in one of the articles, please let me know about it. If you have any questions or need some help with a job, please leave a comment and I will aid you to the best of my abilities.

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